Internet of Things

1 October 2017

Internet of things(IoT) is a concept in which different physical devices ,vehicles ,smart devices/connected devices ,buildings ,sensors which are used in our daily lives are connected with each other and can exchange data with each other .With the help of IOT ,remote devices/sensors/Actuators can be controlled remotely across different network Infrastructure .This integration of physical system and computer based systems improves efficiency ,accuracy and economic benefits enabling reduction in human intervention .It has been estimated that IoT will have approximately 30 billion objects/devices by 2020 dominating the network traffic in Internet.

What produces IOT Data

  • Sensor: Physical sensors generates data related to temperature ,weather ,pressure etc

  • Actuator: These are devices which can perform actions based on commands received from the internet

  • Controller: It is an application which provide intelligence to the internet

  • Bridge: As different devices has different protocols for data transfer ,a bridge or gateway is needed to communicate between each other

IOT Verticals and Technology Stack

  • Smart Grids
  • Virtual Power Plants
  • Smart Homes
  • Intelligent Transportation
  • Smart Cities
  • Intelligent Health Platform
  • Precision Agriculture

IoT System Protocols and Platforms

Below table mentions some of the protocol and platform that can be used to handle IoT Data.

Verticals Protocols
Infrastrcuture 6LowPAN, IPv4/IPv6, RPL
Identification EPC, uCode, IPv6, URIs
Communication/Transport Wifi ,Bluetooth ,LPWAN
Discovery Psysical Web ,mDNS ,DNS-SD
Data Protocols MQTT ,CoAP , AMQP ,VSCP ,XMPP
Device Management TR-069, OMA-DM
Semantic JSON-LD ,Web Thing Model
Multi-Layer Frameworks Alljoyn ,IoTivity ,Homekit
Back End Time Series/NoSQL Database Cassandra ,InfluxDB ,Apache Hbase
Data Analytics components Apache Spark , Apache Kafka
Real Time dashboards Tableau ,Grafana
In Memory Data Grids Ecache ,Hazelcast
Data Formats JSON ,XML


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